About ShopWare

ShopWare Inc. was formed in 1992 to provide manufacturing solutions and support to the metalworking industry in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Currently ShopWare has offices in Elgin, Illinois and satellite offices in Wisconsin and Iowa. ShopWare employs a staff with many years of combined manufacturing, manufacturing technologies, and CAD/CAM experience. This knowledge and experience can be drawn upon to solve manufacturing problems and resolve bottlenecks in a wide variety of industries and applications including dies, molds, fixtures, tooling, and other manufacturing processes. If it’s cut, burned, formed, stamped, molded, or made of wood we can help.

ShopWare is consistently rated as one of North America’s top 3 Mastercam resellers.  We have provided best in class support for our customers in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin for over 20 years.

The Shopware team before our 2016 Christmas Party. From Left to right: Norbert, Josh, Kim, Matt, Ryan, Peg, Scott, Joe, Todd, Austin, Jeff.

ShopWare’s main office located at I-90 and Randall Rd. in Elgin, IL.