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Class Descriptions & Pricing

Our training facility has 9 computers for a class limited to 9 students. The instructor has a projection system on his computer to display his screen onto the wall in front of the students.

Class hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day with 1 hour for lunch from 12pm to 1pm.

Some classes fill up quickly. So please reserve a seat as soon as possible. Class availability is on a first come, first served basis. So you may be scheduled into the next months class. Someone will contact you to confirm your reservation within 2 business days. Please read our Enrollment & Cancellation Policy shown below.

Note: All Mastercam classroom training is performed on the current release of Mastercam. Customers with out of date or older versions of Mastercam are required to update their software before attending training.

Introduction to Mastercam

2 Days / $750.00
This class is required for all Mastercam users and covers all aspects of operation, system orientation, operator interface, configuration, 2D geometry construction, and dimensioning. The class will cover: How to navigate around in the Mastercam interface – Zooming and Panning – Creating 2d wireframe geometry – Rotation, translation and mirroring of geometry – Dimensioning – Organizing your part drawing using levels and colors – Creating new planes (views) – Opening other file types such as Autocad dwg, stp, iges and Solidworks sldprt – The student will create 2d wireframe geometry from several blueprints.

Basic Milling

3 Days / $1,125
The Basic Mill class covers the Mastercam “Mill” 2D tool paths such as pocket, contour, face mill, slot, circle mill, thread mill, and drill/tap/ream. Chaining techniques for both wire frame geometry and solid model faces and edges are demonstrated. Transform tool path is shown to step & repeat the tool path for multiple parts on the table. Programming of vertical and horizontal machines is demonstrated. How to create and use multiple work coordinate systems and planes are covered. Viewing tool paths graphically with back plot, verify, and machine simulation are demonstrated. Creating tools and tool libraries are shown in detail. Methods of speed and feed calculations within Mastercam are discussed. Importing solid model files of various types are covered as well as 2d file types such as Autocad. 2D tool paths are then created on these files.

We have added a day onto our Basic Mill class.  This 3rd day covers new features added to the product including High Speed Toolpaths (HST), Feature Based Machining and Drilling (FBM & FBD), Dynamic Milling and more.

Solid Modeling, Model Prep and Surface Modeling

2 Days / $750.00
This class covers all functions under the Solids, Model Prep and Surface modeling menus. This includes creating a model from scratch with a traditional solids history/feature tree based off wireframe including extrude, revolve, etc. Modifying a model using the model prep commands such as push-pull, move, split, position, etc. The model prep commands can also be used for preparing geometry for machining operations. Lastly we will cover advanced surface modeling techniques that are needed when doing advanced 3D toolpaths to get ultimate control over tool containment and avoidance on a given model. This class replaces our legacy Advanced Design and Solids classes. This class is new for 2015 and intended for users that have already completed Intro to Mastercam or already have prior current version Mastercam experience.

Advanced Mill

2 Days / $750.00
The advanced mill class covers 3-axis mill tool paths generally used in the mold making industry. These tool paths are also known as 3D surface tool paths and are available in the Mill 3D and partially in standard Mill Mastercam packages. There are 31 different tool paths to choose from for roughing and finishing 3D surfaces with Mill 3D.

Surface High Speed roughing cycles covered are: Area Rough, Rest Rough, and Opti-Rough

Surface High Speed finish cycles covered are: Waterline, Scallop, Horizontal Area, Raster, Pencil, Spiral, Radial, Hybrid and Project

Legacy roughing and finishing cycles are also covered.

Techniques to avoid cutting adjacent surfaces are demonstrated such as: Drive surfaces, Check surfaces, Containment Boundaries, and Z depth limits. The new Stock Model operation can be used after each operation, and the subsequent tool path can be calculated from that Stock Model. The in-process Stock Model can be used in graphic verification to see if any tool path violates the part model or during rest rough operations.

This class is intended for Mastercam users who have completed Introduction to Mastercam & Basic Mill.

Basic Lathe

2 Days / $750.00
This class covers standard 2-axis lathe tool paths such as: Facing, OD turning, ID boring, single point threading, grooving, plunge turn, cut off, drilling, and tapping.

Other topics covered are:
Stock setup and jaw setup
G71/G72 and other canned cycles
Transform tool path (step over, repeat, cutoff – for washer type parts)
Stock transfer, stock flip, stock advance, tailstock advance
4-axis lathe (two turrets, main and sub spindles)
G54-G59 Work Offsets
Chaining wireframe geometry for tool paths
Opening a solid model and techniques for chaining solid edges for tool paths
Other Misc. Ops are covered

Tool paths will be made from existing drawing files. The lathe class does not cover creating the geometry for the wireframe drawings. Students that need to learn drawing techniques in detail should first take the Introduction to Mastercam class.

Advanced Lathe

1 Day / $375.00
This class is intended for Mastercam users who have completed Introduction to Mastercam and Mastercam Lathe. All aspects of live tooling, Y axis milling, C-axis milling. C&Y axis programing is done perpendicular or horizontal to the chuck and ‘multi-axis’ live milling is not covered. This class is intended for users that have completed both Basic Mill and Basic Lathe classes. Note a Mill and Lathe license is required on your Mastercam to take full advantage of Live Tool paths.

Wire EDM

1 Day / $375.00
The Wire EDM class covers 2-axis, 4-axis, and no-core wire tool paths. Chaining techniques and synchronized chaining will be discussed. Other topics include: Land tapers vs. true 4-axis tapers. Lead-in and Lead-out. Corner conditions. All wire tool path comes from wire frame geometry. Although we will not be discussing drawing techniques heavily, we will cover how to draw branch lines for synchronization, and creating wire frame geometry on the edges of a solid or surface model using the “create curves on edges” function. For complete coverage on drawing techniques consider registering for the Intro to Mastercam class.

Rotary 4th Axis

1 Day / $375.00
Basic tool paths for rotary 4th axis milling and drilling on VMCs and HMCs. Indexing by rotary axis tool path parameters or tool plane method. How C/T planes and WCS are used with a 4th axis rotary table. Applications covered are: Basic indexing for drilling operations. Flat layout, axis substitution, and simultaneous rotary motion for slot milling, pocketing, and engraving along the OD of a cylinder. Basic 4 axis rotary motion derived from a simple surface is also covered. This is a single toolpath cycle and it requires the user to have the multi-axis add-on option. More complex rotary motion toolpaths are offered in a separate 5-axis class. Intro to Mastercam and Basic Milling or equivalent Mastercam experience are prerequisites for this course.

Introduction to Multi-Axis (Coming Soon!)

2 Days / $750
We are currently working on a new format for this class to give users Multi-axis basics before our on-site multi-axis training that is specific to your process is performed. This class is intended for advanced users and have proficient knowledge in creating toolpaths in Mastercam. This class shows users how to perform complex 5 axis toolpaths including swarf, multi-surface, flowline, rotary, and porting, among others. Will also give you knowledge how to logically (and easily) create 5 axis motion. It’s not as hard as you think!

More class descriptions coming soon!


Due to the high demand for training, advanced payment or other payment arrangements are required for enrollment and to secure a reserved seat for a class.

Enrollment & Cancellation Policy:

You must register before attending a class. All training classes are on a “first come, first served” basis for enrollment. Class enrollment is not confirmed until ShopWare receives payment in full for the student. Due to the high demand for training, customer scheduling requirements and class size limitations, cancellations less than 7 days prior to training are not refundable. Only if registration is canceled, in writing by fax or email, 1 weeks before the scheduled class date, will payment be refunded. Training vouchers & Training “packages” are treated as currency, and forfeited for cancellations less than the 7 day time period. Training packages must be used within 1 year of the date issued or purchased. A minimum of three students are required for class. If there are less than three students registered, ShopWare Incorporated reserves the right to reschedule the class to a later date.

You can also register for a class by calling our office @ 888-222-7126.

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