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The CAM industry has seen recent significant upheaval. Smart manufacturers realize these changes will have cascading effects on their businesses and are proactively considering their options.

  • Concerned with your CAM provider changing pricing structure?
  • Scared by rental-ware subscription models?
  • Uncertain how corporate buyouts will affect your investment?
  • Have you been told your software is now End-of-Life?
  • Getting the feeling they want you to “work in the cloud”?

ShopWare and Mastercam can help.

Mastercam (CNC software Inc.), founded in 1983, is still a family owned company based out of Tolland CT and fully US developed software for US manufacturing. We’re a perpetual licensed, technically mature product with the strongest customer base in the industry.

We answer to our customers.

Not a board or directors. Not shareholders. Not a parent company with 500 other products.

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Below is additional information on these changes in the market. This is not marketing spin, all facts and data below are linked to the respective companies websites/press releases/official forums. This is not a comprehensive list but a sample of the current state of the industry. 

Delcam was recently acquired by Autodesk. While any corporate acquisition is painted in a rosy light by the parties involved there have been significant changes in the structure and setup of Delcam and its ancillary products including but not limited to: Partmaker, FeatureCAM, Delcam for Solidworks.

Here are some highlights of these changes:

  • Delcam for Solidworks has been announced as End of Life. This means the product will no longer be updated or supported.
  • Delcam is ending all perpetual licensing at the end of 2016. New licenses will be subscription only. Users can continue to pay maintenance but if that maintenance lapses the only avenue to update is via what they are calling the “desktop subscription”, which is the rental-ware model for licenses. FAQ PDF.
  • Delcam’s acquisition by Autodesk changed their business model. Local resellers were either dropped (such as Axsys Inc. in Detroit) or converted to a corporate office with reduced local staff.
  • This acquisition also has meant layoffs for the Delcam corporate team based in Birmingham England. While we cannot confirm the total of employees laid off of their team we have heard reports of around 25%. Mastercam’s new director of European sales was one of those affected at Delcam. Benefit for our community to pick up a long time CAM industry pro. 
HSM works, an originally developed product to be CAM inside of Solidworks was acquired by Autodesk. This was one of Autodesks early buyouts as they are attempting eliminate competition on the CAM market.

  • Fusion360, InventorHSM, HSM works, etc are all products derived from the HSM Works buyout in 2012. HSM works was originally an add-in into Mastercam back in the Mid 2000s developed by a group at Cimco. This add-in was deemed as not functional enough for complete manufacturing use and Mastercam declined to buy the technology in 2010. This was the start of the Mastercam Dynamic toolpath engine.
  • All Autodesk products are going to subscription only model as of July 31st. This means if you stop paying the subscription the software shuts off and you are unable to generate NC programs.
  • Autodesk introduced a ‘freemium’ model with the Fusion 360 product. It is currently 2-3ax milling with limited strategies pulled from the HSMworks engine. There are no options for Multi-Axis, Multi-tasking, Swiss, or WireEDM. Some of those options are planned as future updates with a “$” noted next to them. So we cannot confirm what those upgrades would cost.
  • Our experience here at Shopware with customers lured by this pricing/product model are recommended other products in the ‘Autodesk Cam’ family such as Partmaker or Delcam when they need to go beyond the hobbyist/limited use stage. Thus negating whatever the users have learned on the current, limited toolset, system.
  • Here is a very active Autodesk forum thread with users pining for the option of perpetual licensing to stay.
  • Vero software is another player in the market known as a ‘CAM consolidator’. Vero includes products such as Alphacam, Edgecam, Surfcam, Peps, Radan, Visi, Work NC among others. Vero was acquired by Hexagon AB in 2014. A consolidation of a consolidation of a company solely focused on pleasing investors of a high market cap stock.

    • Surfcam has been renamed to Surfcam Traditional. Users report that 2016 R2 will be the final release. There has been no news posted since Surfcam traditional was split off.
    • Surfcam EVO is their ‘new’ release. See surfcam Evo Milling here. It is essentially a rebrand of the current Edgecam product.
    • Current Surfcam traditional users are being asked to upgrade to Evo for an additional maintenance fee and paid training classes out of state.
    • Like Delcam, this has caused a shift in resellers and local support in the area. The local Reseller of Edgecam no longer advertises training classes.
    Gibbscam was acquired by Cimatron in 2008. Cimatron was then acquired by 3DSystems in 2015.

  • We do not have much info outside of these acquisitions other than we are unable to confirm the full status of local resellers and support.
  • The local Chicago area reseller has closed and area is now covered by WI reseller.
  • The Wisconsin Gibbscam reseller did not have any CAM information or materials at the latest HFO event June 14th, 2016.
  • Our understanding of these changes are that sales/support have gone direct and are handled via web meetings, long distance travel.
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