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Let’s face it. The longer you evaluate CAM systems, the more they’re going to look the same.

More than likely all of the other systems will be able to program your part. Additionally most of the systems you’re looking at are going to be in the same price range (if they’re not, you should be very suspicious).

So….are they all the same? No way. However, the differences most likely won’t show up during a demo or some internet research.

What differences should I look for when deciding on a CAM system?

  • Maturity of the product

    Mastercam has been around since 1984. There are multitudes of ways to program the same part. Mastercam will not force you into a single process methodology while is still easy to use and learn.

  • Post Processors

    The Post is the secret sauce of a CAM system. You should NEVER have to hand-edit your G-code. Nobody has supplied as many proven posts as Mastercam. We have, on our staff, our very own Post development engineer and guarantee our Posts.

  • Support

    ShopWare employs their own Technical Services Team which includes Post Development, Classroom Instructor, On-site Trainers, Phone/ email support. There is no CAM vendor serving our area of IL/IA/WI that can say this.

  • User base

    There are over 235,000 installed seats of Mastercam worldwide. Shop tested with the most available CNC programming talent in the industry. We have over 2,500 installations in our 3 state area alone.

  • Company health

    Mastercam is still 100% family owned and managed. The CAM industry has undergone drastic change over the last 3 years. Most of our competitors have been bought out, and many products have been completely discontinued.

  • Education

    In all Tech/ Community Colleges in our area that have a full CNC curriculum, Mastercam is the CAM system that is taught. There are people graduating every semester with the skillset and knowledge to run your machines efficiently.

  • Your peers

    Please take a look at what the local manufacturing community is saying about Mastercam and Shopware:

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