Router Post Request

One of the biggest keys to your success will be deployment of post processors that
give you edit-free G-code programs. ShopWare Inc. is committed to providing trouble free, working posts as quickly as possible.

Our post policy is as follows:
As part of your current Mastercam Maintenance contract, ShopWare will include, at no charge, any standard 3 axis posts from ShopWare’s post library. These posts have been proven and will provide you worry free G-code programs. Many times, programmers prefer to see their programs follow a specific standards-based format. If you require these posts to be edited beyond their original scope, ShopWare will be pleased to quote this work. These custom posts are guaranteed to provide G-code output to your specifications.

Due to the complexity and wide variety of machines and controls we ask that you complete the relevant areas of the following forms when requesting a post processor for a given machine. Completion of the relevant forms will allow us to keep the turn around time of your request to a minimum. Often times, post assistance is delayed due to a lack of information and/or specifications needed to complete the process. Other times we are overwhelmed with extraneous data which takes large amounts of time to sort through only to find that the information really needed was not supplied.

Post Processors are for ShopWare Inc. Maintenance Customers only. Non-maintenance customers: Post processors start at $750 and go up from there.

Multi-Axis, Multi-Head, Multi-Table, Aggregate Head, Drill Block & Other Router specific machine functions not mentioned fall under our Custom Post Processors policy and will be quoted according to information filled out below.

Please fill out the electronic form below.

Router Post Request
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Once you have filled out and submitted the form, please E-Mail the following information to or fax to 847-428-4359.

Post request supplementary files to expedite your request:
• Complete “G-code” and “M-code” lists
• Canned cycle information (if applicable).
• Sample NC code files with examples of start of file, tool changes, coolant on/off, cutter compensation, arcs and
canned cycles are also required.

We will contact you if more information is required to process your request.

Thank you.