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Installed Solidworks and can no longer open SLDPRT files in Mastercam X8

There is an issue with the Solidworks install that is overwriting how SLDPRT files are handled in Mastercam. However the fix is quick and easy, just need to do it manually.

  • Open command prompt (CMD) (right click and click run as admin if you are on a domain)
  • Change the directory to c:\program files (Type or paste: cd C:\program files)
  • Type the following(or copy and right-click paste this):  regsvr32.exe mcamx8\common\sworksdata\swdocumentmgr.dll then hit enter


X8 Solidworks translator 1








Success Message:

X8 Solidworks translator 2







Using a Microsoft Mouse. Graphics only zoom out.

The issue is because of the Microsoft Mouse drivers conflicting with the system. Please download drivers we have tested below that correspond to your operating system.

Download 64-bit Drivers Download 32-bit Drivers
After installing drivers, please go to Start>Control Panel> Mouse. Then select the following option of Middle-Click below for “Wheel button:” setting.
Mouse Setting for Microsoft Mice

Default to Tool Change instead of Operation in X7 Unified Backplot Verify (UVBS)

If you would like to default to Tool Change instead of the default Operation value you need to Edit the “MastercamSimulatorDefaults.xml” which is in the roof of your my mcamx7 Folder. That folder is here: “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\my mcamx7”
Mastercam X7 ToolChange vs Operation Verify UVBS

You need to open the XML file in a text editor such as Cimco, notepad, etc edit the “drawMode” line. Use control+F to find the drawMode line. Change Operation to Toolnumber as pictured here:

Please note that Toolnumber is case sensitive and there can be no extra spaces. Save XML file and reopen the UVBS.

X6 to X7 Tool Library Not Updating Properly Via Update Folder

In some cases the “Update Folder” procedure is not updating Tool Libraries correctly. In those cases please use this alternate procedure.


Start up Mastercam X6 and pick a machine type. Then from the Mastercam main menu go to Toolpath, Tool Manager.


Next, copy all the tools from the X6 library to the upper pane.


Choose a location and type in a filename to save the file as an mcx-6 file.


Start-up X7, open the mcx-6 file you saved in the previous step. Go to Toolpath, Tool Manager. Once there use the “Create new library” button to create a new X7 library.


Confirm your save location, type in a new library name, and click the save button.


Now select all the tools in the upper pane and click the black down arrow to copy the tools to the lower pane.


Once the tools have been copied to the lower pane click the green OK check button and choose “Yes” to save the changes to your current library message.

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