ShopWare has a simple philosophy: 100% customer satisfaction is not good enough.  We’re on a mission to make sure every single customer is DELIGHTED with our products and our support.

Here are some comments from a few of your peers in the CNC community.

What our clients are saying:

John Campion

Manufacturing Engineer, Senior Flexonics G.A. Precision
As a company with over 300 CNC machines and numerous seats of a competitors CAM package, it was not a promising proposition to add MasterCam to our company. ShopWare’s sales team did an excellent job convincing us it was a good investment by completing everything asked of them. We challenged them to program a complex 5 axis aerospace part that they had not seen before their arrival. They completed the challenge in front of us without any issues.

We were looking for a package strong on 5 Axis at that time, and since we could not get a working post from the competitors we were still reluctant. MasterCam succeeded again, the tweaks we needed to the post were done in one day, for the first time we had a working post. Daily I would send emails with little items I wanted changed in the post and daily I would get updated posts, truly amazing. From the training to the service the whole experience was positive. We can now get programs to the machine with a high level of confidence and prove out has become much easier.

Since our original purchase of Multi-Axis we added Wire and now Mill-Turn to our package, we have complete confidence in MasterCam as a whole. The software is excellent and the service from Shopware is second to none.

Mark Harrison

Manufacturing Engineer, Roemer Machine & Welding.
“Austin, I don’t mean to bother you, but, I need to take a minute of your time. I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you have been doing for me the last couple of days. You have always been patient with me and never lost your cool, and were truly professional. I have demanded a lot from you, and you always come through. Your professionalism is a true credit to you and your company. I hope that we will continue to work with each other long into the future. I know that you are busy, so I will let you go, it’s really nice to know that there is someone out there that truly does ‘have my back’ thank you.”

Tom Kitzerow

President, Kitzerow Machine.
“This investment has gone above and beyond my expectations.  I’ve already gotten more done in two weeks than I had in 5 years with your competitor.  We’ve needed this for a long time and we’re already seeing some doors opening up for us in this competitive market by being able to do things we weren’t able to do before.”

Ross Hohulin

Owner, Bulldog Machine Works.
“Just a quick note to tell you how HAPPY I have been with MasterCam.  Not only the software, but the Tech support that you guys have provided.  I hardly EVER am impressed with something enough to take time to say GREAT JOB!  Every question that I have had has been handled far more quickly than I would have ever imagined.  The Post has worked flawlessly.  Everything from set up to machine communication to stupid “how do I…” questions have been handled within minutes to a few hours.  UNHEARD of service in this day and age.  You won’t find me regretting or wishing that I didn’t have to pay next year’s maintenance fee.  This may be the first piece of software that I was GLAD to have purchased.

After starting to play with my CNC mill, I quickly realized how limited I was with manual programming.  Both in terms of complexity of operations and time required to program.  The fact that you took the time to do a 20 minute web demo for me probably did more to convince me that MasterCam would be the choice to make.  The demonstration of your product and showing me how it would work on MY SPECIFIC machine was worth more than you can imagine. 

MasterCam was a HUGE investment for someone small like me, but as I had hoped and suspected, it has been worth every dime.  I had looked at lots of low $$ CAM software…$200-$500 stuff and was wary–especially since none of them had any support.  At 10X the price, I knew MasterCam was probably the right choice so I took a leap of faith.  Let me tell you….Your software has taken me from considering selling my CNC machine to now confidently making parts.  It amazes me (and anyone that stops by the shop) at how fast I can take an idea and turn it into a useable part. 

While I admit I have a lot to learn only 3 months in, I’m now taking my own 3D Solidworks designed parts and cutting them out in less than 2 hours from loading the model into MasterCam to removing the finished part from the mill.  For a small shop like me that’s an incredible feat!  I’m cutting complex pockets and profiles that would have been nearly impossible to figure out all the coordinates, let alone the time involved to do it and enter it, edit it, etc. manually.  AND IT DOES IT WITHOUT MAKING MISTAKES!!!!!

I’m bragging to anyone I know with CNC equipment about MasterCam and what it can do.  I think the guys over at [redacted] are looking at it pretty hard.  They just shake their head at the things I’ve cut after I tell them it only took 20 minutes worth of work in MasterCam to generate 600+ lines of code (error free I might add…) THANKS AGAIN!”

Ken Barnett

Manufacturing Engineer, Superior Tube Products
Everything with Mastercam is working great. Great product. I use it about 4 hours a day to save myself about 10 hours of programing a day. More at machine time = more parts getting done. Shopware’s training classes got me up to speed quickly and the continued tech support really helped pull the whole thing together for me to make this a successful investment.

John Morines

CNC Programmer, All Metal Stamping
I would like to say thank you to ShopWare for your awesome support. In the past I would just get a PDF for installing the annual upgrade. I would cringe and after 6 to 8 hours of suffering (there’s always something you do wrong) I would finally get it to work. Scott from your office came on and had me set up in an hour with a Gotomeeting! Thanks so much for making the annual transition not such gut wrenching issue. Have to go play now with my new toy.

Calvin Martin

Production Engineer, Advance Fittings Corp.
Please let everyone that was involved in dealing with getting our Custom Posts and MasterCam upgrades know that Advance Fittings Corp. truly appreciates their hard work and efforts. You have a very knowledgeable and professional staff at ShopWare Inc. We look forward to dealing with you all again in our future endeavors.

Parker Tumanic

VP, J&R Machine INC.
“Shopware’s team is very quick to respond on any issues that should arise.  The addition of Mastercam to our machine shop gives us the competitive edge to thrive in this economy.”
See a full PDF article from J&R Machine in Modern Machine Shop by clicking this link.

Jack Hardin

General Manager, In Tolerance Contract Manufacturing
Ryan, I want to thank you for the excellent job that you did training our CNC machinists on several levels of MasterCam. Every report that I received from each employee that attended your training gave me an excellent review on your style and content of the training. When we decide to train more of our CNC machinist’s we will request that you be the person doing this very important training that helps our company thrive with Mastercam. Thanks again.

Dennis Wieber

President, Wieber Machine
We recently upgraded to Mastercam Mill Level 3 and purchased a custom built Dell workstation from ShopWare. We also had ShopWare create a custom post processor and setup sheet for our company. We were very pleased with the service on the front-end getting the proper software and PCs spec’d for our needs. Matt and the crew at ShopWare were able to meet our requirements on the software and hardware.

Since the upgrade we have noticed significant efficiencies in our programming. Mill Level 3 has given us more options and versatility in programming. The new post and setup sheet has helped streamline communication between our programmer and operators. The Dell workstation has been a solid performer as well. We are looking forward to continuing business with ShopWare.

Rusty Tillman

CNC Programmer, Construction Forms Inc.
Hi Todd,

Everything is going great! The software is doing exactly what we need it to do, and I predict our return on investment is going to be greater than initially estimated. Thanks for all your help!

Dan Place

Owner, Manitowoc Pattern & Mfg. Co.
My guys are good at what we do here, in fact I would say for the most part they are exceptional. However, they tend to stay within their comfort zones and use the software successfully how they are used to, which we all do. When your people from ShopWare show up, it always seems like a few new doors get opened in the software that wouldn’t always be opened if you hadn’t visited us. Being in a competitive marketplace ShopWare helps us identify areas and new features of the software we can use to our advantage and every bit helps.

Gary Voit

Systems Integrator, Quad Metal Works; A Subsidiary of Quad/Graphics.
Being a new ShopWare client, I’d like to share my initial impressions with you. During my research into Mastercam, I contacted Todd and met Chris at the excellent demo they gave. After purchasing Mastercam I had the pleasure to work with Matt regarding network installation and license setup. Recently we conducted training with Dave and he surpassed expectations.

All of your staff appears to be exceedingly knowledgeable and confident. They either know the answers to our questions or they know they can get answers. Not only that, but everyone has been accommodating to my requests and obviously interested in our success with Mastercam.

Tom Kitzerow

President, Kitzerow Machine.
“This investment has gone above and beyond my expectations.  I’ve already gotten more done in two weeks than I had in 5 years with your competitor.  We’ve needed this for a long time and we’re already seeing some doors opening up for us in this competitive market by being able to do things we weren’t able to do before.”

Terry Mooren

Lead Engineer Quality & CNC Programming, Mercury Marine.
The training went really well.  Dave did a great job working with our programmers.  Mastercam did catch several potential crashes with a new fixture & part we were working on.  I would definitely recommend Dave in the future.

Tony Kelly

CNC Programmer, Paper Machinery Corp.
ShopWare fully understands the deadlines we as tool makers are under in this tight economy and are right there to make sure you get your job done on time. I’ve always received a quick response to a post or software question, which in my past experience, is unmatched in the industry. ShopWare hasn’t been just a reseller, they’ve been a partner.

Patrick Folker

Project Engineer, KLH Industries
I was trying out a new 4th axis toolpath over the past weekend on a hot job, and it wasn’t going well. The thing wasn’t feeding correctly and none of the changes I was making in the control definition was working.

Out of desperation I sent an email to Norbert at shopware figuring there was a slim chance for a reply on a Saturday. However even though he wasn’t by his work computer, he did reply and directed me to a download link for a new post . It solved the problem and I am going to make my delivery because of it. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the great customer service I received after the normal working hours.

Eli Kelling

IT Manager, Harken Custom Yachts
After dealing with several other software vendors over the last few weeks with systems that cost more money than I make all year, it’s amazing how poor the support services can be. With the service you and your company have been giving I have a better hope for how software customer service should run. Thanks for helping us out at the last minute and provide simple step by step directions to get us back up and running.

Michael Melssen

Manufacturing Engineer, Rayovac/ Spectrum Brands Inc.
The Mastercam University classes are great, learning a great amount of new stuff, and it also helps for giving support down in the shop. The guys in the shop are doing well also, they are making more parts with Mastercam and are having less questions as time goes on. Thanks!

Lynn Freese

Owner, Intertech IS.
“I want to tell you that I was extremely impressed with a phone call I got from Piotr on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I sent an email to Piotr on Saturday hoping for a response on Monday. Here I received a phone call from him on Saturday plus another email from him on Sunday.  Piotr, I feel you went above and beyond with that. Thank you so much.  I hope this email gets to Jeff (Shopware President) also.”

Martin Schroeder

VP, Canny Tool.
“I love the toolpath refinement for 3D…..no more need for powermill.”

Tim Gingras

Model Shop, Cinch Connectors.
“Yes Sir, the new post file did the trick.  I reposted the same program with the new post you sent me and I ran tools 7 and 8 in the mill.  Both drill cycles worked as expected drilling to two different depths as programmed.  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!  You guys are great.  Don’t work so late, go home.
Thanks Norbert.
Thanks Dave.”

Tim Sanders

Operations Manager, Titletown Manufacturing.
“I feel the need to express what a pleasure it has been working with Kim Clapper.  Working with her helped us keep MasterCam in our shop.  With the price increase this Spring regarding the maintenance portion of our purchase she proved vital in providing information on the added benefits of the upgrades this year.

In addition to this she has helped set up coursework for myself at MasterCam University and was able to switch my courses around to better fit our company’s needs.

Kim has shown that she is committed to working with customers and clearly has performed well for us at Titletown Manufacturing.”

Rodney Mattrisch

Sr. Methods & Standards Estimator, The Kinetic Company.
“I just wanted to let you know how much we here at The Kinetic Company appreciate Mike and the fine help he has given us thus far. Even though we are newbees to Mastercam, it was he that sold us on the product in the first place and he is always there. He is easily accessible and willing to help us out with all of the Mastercam products. It’s always nice to know that a company such as yours backs up what they say in regards to support. Between Mike and the training down at your facility, this whole project went a lot smoother then I thought it would. We are tickled pink thus far and hopefully there is more tickling to be had in the future.”

Mike Fregeau

Sr. CNC Programmer, Quadrant Tool.
Hey Chris, just wanted to thank you for getting on this so quickly. I appreciate the response time. Since we are already running these parts the longer we would have waited for the upgrade, the more machine time we would have been wasting. So far so good. Just to let you know, our cycle time has been reduced on the first part by 50%, pretty cool. But even better is the surface quality, or should I say the consistency, has improved dramatically. Thanks again bro!

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