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March Webinar: Mastercam Simulator and Tool Library/Manager

March Mini-Webinar Series

verify_half_column_picThanks to everyone that attended our February webinar, one of the best turnouts yet and got some great feedback to make more of these and provide value to our customers. The 2 most popular topic requests we can cover in another short webinar this month.

Webinar 2: Simulator and Tool Management. Mastercam created an all new verify interface called Mastercam Simulator with the release of X7. Since then we’ve been expanding and developing this product to provide better 3D verification of your parts. This product is now included with all levels of the software.

We’re also going to touch on the new tool manager that was added for building tool assemblies and will go over creating new tools and other features within the tool libraries.

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Tuesday March 22nd
11-11:30 am CST (Q&A after for those that want to stick around)
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Mastercam 2017 Public Beta Now Open!

public beta logo

The Next Generation of Mastercam is coming soon. Mastercam “X” is moving forward.

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With the pending release of Mastercam XX(?) Mastercam is now moving to a yearly version naming plan. Like the last few versions of Mastercam the beta process is open to the public (current Mastercam license required). You can get more info and to download the beta by visiting this link.

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We’re all very excited for this release and those that have already have had a chance to try it out like the adjustments to the interface to make the software easier and faster to use with a shorter learning curve. Current Mastercam customers will slide right in with little to no training needed and will be able to find what they need to use quickly and easily.

We’ll be doing a preview webinar on the new version in the coming months so stay tuned!

We want your feedback though as it’s still a good handful of months before release. So please send any feedback to

Mastercam X9 Solids & Model Prep Webinar Recording

Thanks to all those who attended the webinar, recording for those who missed it or want to share is here:


Mastercam #1 NC Programming Software for 21st year in a row!

We’re proud to announce Mastercam is once again the market leader for NC programming software. We’re shop tested, mother approved.

Mastercam Article: Leveraging Mastercam for High Density Machining

J&R Machine, a long time Mastercam customer discusses how they leveraged a mix of Mastercam, Solidworks and Shopware’s applications expertise to take company profits to the next level.


Designing high-density fixtures for improved production.


Mastercam Software and now Mastercam for Solidworks integrated CAM.


Increased machining efficiency, better profits and lower labor costs.

Takeaway quote:

“The initial investment in the Mastercam software had the same impact on productivity as adding another CNC Machine.”

Click here to view PDF

Mastercam X9 Preview Videos

After some technical difficulties with recording our webinar, please see the playlist below of the new features we covered as well as a few extras!

Click the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top left of the video below for the full playlist.

Bonus Tips playlist!

Mastercam X8 Hotfix 4 Out Now!

X8 has been updated. Go to Help>Update Mastercam to get the latest Release.

Items Addressed by Mastercam X8 Update 4

  • Classic Backplot tweaks
  • Mill Defaults Improved
  • Work Offsets addressed
  • File>Open issues reported; fixed
  • Lathe ops will no longer be marked dirty upon file>open in certain situations
  • Import operations improved
  • Plane Manager – Further improvements
  • Reported printing issues addressed

Mastercam X8 Hotfix 3 Out Now!

X8 has been updated to Hotfix 3. Go to Help>Update Mastercam to get the latest Release.

Issues Addressed by Mastercam X8 Update 2

  • Mastercam X8 Update 3 updates the following areas:
  • Translators – Added Solidworks 2015, SolidEdge ST7, PTC Creo 3.0 (Note that Pro/E Creo translator is a paid option.
  • Lathe – Tapping changes, lathe rough improvements
  • Mill/Turn – Licensing fixes
  • Tooling/Tool Manager – Various Fixes

Please refer to the Readme.pdf after installing for a full list of updates.

Mastercam X8 Hotfix 2 Out Now!

X8 has been updated. Go to Help>Update Mastercam to get the latest Release.

Issues Addressed by Mastercam X8 Update 2

  • Mastercam X8 Update 2 updates the following areas:
  • Planes – Getting Plane Info Inefficient
  • Plane Manager – Crash When Launching After clicking Through Plane Menus
  • Planes – Plane Manager Does Not Respect “Planes ALWAYS = WCS”
  • Planes – T/Cplane Getting Set to ISO when Gview is Set to ISO
  • Planes – Unwanted Plane Created
  • Plane Manager – Cannot Delete Unused Plane

X8 Rollout Seminar Registration, Come See What’s New!

All New Mastercam X8 Rollout Seminars Coming Soon!

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