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Phone: 888-222-7126

Fax: 847-428-4359

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm CST

Serving IA, IL, IN, KY & WI

Our Sales Team

Mastercam Illinois & Iowa Sales

Matt Sump
Direct Line: 847-701-5622
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Mastercam Wisconsin Sales

Todd Rathkamp
Direct Line: 414-587-7903

Mastercam Indiana & Kentucky Sales

Mark Emly
Direct Line: 812-528-2237

Mastercam Educatonal Sales

Scott Lundin
Direct Line: 847-526-6295

Cimco Sales

Joe Julien
Direct Line: 708-620-0810
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Existing Customer Sales:

Austin Rettler- Inside Sales Manager

Support & Customer Service Staff

Customer Service

Michelle Mosby – Customer Service & Software Maintenance
Lorinda Wilson- Customer Service & License Codes

Bill Angsten – President

Norbert Rajkowski – Operations Manager

Support / Applications / Training

Chad Wright – Technical Manager & Post Processors
Mitch Kinder – Sr. Applications Engineer & Post Processors
Jeff Elliott – Sr. Applications Engineer
Kevin Graham – Sr. Applications Engineer
Rob Krezman – Sr. Applications Engineer
Alex Zuniga – Sr. Applications Engineer
Zach Thomas – Applications Engineer
Josh Sanders – Applications Engineer
Matt Szczesny – Applications Engineer
Nick Coffield – Applications Engineer