Introducing Markforged 3D Printers

Thank you for being our customers.

We’re very excited to announce the addition of another world-class product line that we will begin selling, training, and supporting.

I ignored 3D Printers for years even as they became an industry buzzword and the market for them swelled. They weren’t meant for our customers. They are for R&D and prototypes.

I reluctantly met with Markforged. I quickly discovered that they build printers for the shop floor and our customer base.

If our customers can make their custom tooling, workholding, fixtures, etc. with 3D printed composites that are stronger than aluminum and don’t require taking up their CNC machine’s time…well, that’s a very powerful tool.

They also have an incredible metal printing line: you can print tool steel at a fraction of the cost and weight of traditional fabrication.

And of course, you can design and print all of your prototypes with industry-leading speed, strength, and accuracy.

Markforged is an American company and all their printers are made here. We can provide all the local support and training that you’ve come to expect from us as a top Mastercam dealer.

This product line is an excellent complement to Mastercam, Cimco, and ProShop and rounds out our manufacturing technology offerings built to give you the tools to compete with anyone, anywhere.

If you want to learn more about saving CNC time and material costs, please schedule a meeting with us.

Bill Angsten