All New & Account Linking

Mastercam has recently redone their entire website and added a bunch of new value added features. You can check out the new here.

In an effort to provide better quality service to maintenance customers, offer maintenance customer only areas and curb piracy, Mastercam now requires you to create an account and link to your license in order to get access to all these features. Please see our short writeup below on how to create your account, it should only take a few minutes!

Linking benefits include:

  • Access to products downloads.
  • Access to documentation.
  • Access to a customer-only user forum.
  • Access to a knowledge base.
  • Access to tutorials.
  • Access to tutorial videos.
  • And much more…

Mastercam.Com Account Linking

X8 and X9 users can skip the directions below and simply go to Help>Link on from inside the software and follow the steps from there. Just takes a few minutes!

  1. Go here:

  2. Register. Don’t forget your password! (Please note your username automatically generated as first initial, last name):

  3. You will be emailed a confirmation that looks like this (I highlighted my generated username):

  4. Click Validation Link to activate the account and confirm your email address.

  5. Now you need to link your account to your Mastercam License. After validating you will be taken to this page here:

  6. Click the link to download the code generator as highlighted above. (If you have a version of X8 already installed you can do this via the software as noted above in the image)

  7. Once you download the EXE, run it. It should automatically pop up with your linking code as pictured here: (If you have a NETHASP check known issues at the bottom of this post)

  8. Now paste that code into the Account Link Code section as pictured in item #7 above in your internet browser.

  9. That’s it! Go check out the downloads page or new user forum.


Known Issues:

·        Problem: User receives error message “The program can’t start because WIBUCM32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” when running MastercamDotComLinking.exe.

Solution: Wibu CodeMeter is not installed on the system attempting to generate the linking code. This is installed by default on Mastercam X7 and later but is not included with previously release versions. The installation can be found on Be sure to select the correct OS-specific version (32- or 64-bit.)

·        Problem: User running a NetHASP cannot generate a linking code using MastercamDotComLinking.exe.

Solution: Users that require the use of nethasp.ini will not be able to generate a linking code for if MastercamDotComLinking.exe is not run from the root directory of the Mastercam installation, which is C:\program files\mcamx? (? Denotes version of Mastercam X being used to generate the code). To solve this:

1.      Download MastercamDotComLinking.exe from

2.      Place the executable in the root directory of the Mastercam installation.

Run MastercamDotComLinking.exe from this location. The linking code should be generated successfully.

Still having issues? Call 888-222-7126 during business hours or Email us anytime!