Mastercam X6 Maintenance Update 1 (MU1) Released!

Mastercam Maintenance Update 1 for X6 has now been released.

The Main X6 Installation needs to be installed first and can be found here.  The MU1 Update installs on top of X6.  Simply run the exe below and Mastercam will update.

Please select the corresponding link to the version of X6 you have installed.

Direct Link to Download Mastercam X6 MU1 64 bit

Direct Link to Download Mastercam X6 MU 1 32 bit

Note:  You must have an active maintenance contract as of 2/28/2012 in order to run X6 MU1.  If you are not current on maintenance and would like to run X6 MU1, please contact sales.

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