New WCS/Planes Class Available August 1st.

We are proud to annouce the latest addition to our training calendar: WCS & Planes Course.

Are you confused on how to use planes, WCS, and work offsets in Mastercam Mill Level 1 or 3? We will explain all of these concepts and demonstrate how to use them in this one day workshop. If you are asking yourself the questions listed below then this is the class for you. How do I use one part model inside a Mastercam file to create one or more g-code programs for all sides of my part? What is a Work Coordinate System, how do I use it, and when do I need to change it? What is C-plane and T-Plane, how do I create a plane or WCS, and how do I use them? How do I get Mastercam to output different work offsets for multiple vises or fixtures on the machine table?

First class is being held Monday August 1st.  Contact Us to reserve your spot today! Cost for this 1 Day class is $375.


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