Mastercam 2022

Rollout Webinars

September 8th & 9th, 2020; Both Webinars start @ 9:30am CDT / 10:30am EDT

2022 Highlights

  • 3D High Speed Dynamic OptiRough

    Available for Mill and Router Product Levels, previously limited to 3D Level users only.

  • New Multiaxis Unified Toolpath

    The new Multiaxis Unified toolpath allows you to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern.

  • New Top Level Editing

    In Mastercam 2022, you can directly edit wireframe geometry without interacting with the analyze entity dialog box.

  • Overhaul of Mesh Entities in Design

    You no longer need to save a solid or surface to a stereolithography (STL) file, then merge it back into your part file to create a mesh. All primitive functions can now create mesh bodies with an all new Meshes tab in Mastercam 2022.

  • Other Highlights Include:

    -Linking & Unlinking planes
    -Borrowing Network Licenses
    -Pre-machining corners
    -Design/Solids/Model Prep Enhancements
    -Simulator Enhancements
    -Automatic Chaining for 2D Dynamic
    -New and Improved 3D Linking
    -New Check Tool Reach
    -And much, much more!