Iscar and Mastercam: Video from 8/31 Event

Here is the part we cut at the Okuma Tech Center @ Morris Midwest:

I don’t have all the details, but this is a very fast feed rate and a very heavy depth of cut with standard tooling in tool steel. Much faster than traditional toolpaths. Please contact us if you have more questions on how to use these new toolpaths and how they can save your business enough time to pay for the software many times over.

Last Chance to Register for Mastercam & Iscar Event

If you’re heisitant to come check out this new technology check out these 2 videos:

Skip to 1:20 of the first video if you just want to see the cutting.

If that doesn’t convince you to check out this new technology on the 31st, I don’t know what will.

Click HERE to register for the event

March High Speed Toolpath Webinar Video Now Online

The Webinar from 3/29/10 is now available for viewing.

Click the “HD is off” button then View on Vimeo link to view in HD.

Right Click HERE and “Save target As” to download the webinar.

We appreciate any feedback on the webinar in the comments section below. Thanks to everyone who attended.

ShopWare March Webinar featuring High Speed Toolpaths.

Webinar is Scheduled for Monday March 29th at 1:00PM.

March Webinar

Come and see how you can take advantage of this new technology, even if you don’t have a high speed machine.  Save your business time, tool wear, and much more.

Note: we had to move the time up 30 minutes to 1:00PM CST.  Apologies for any inconvenience.